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The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy defines Universe as a very, very big thing. A thing so enormously big that you can't imagine how big it is. A bizarrely huge thing. And so on.

The Universe has 0 creatures, because the universe is infinite and the number of creatures is finite. And all finite numbers divided by infinite are so small that it can be rounded to 0.

It has no importation or exportation, because it has nowhere to export or from which to import.

It also has no monetary unity and no banks.
Crap, it's big as hell, must be the universe!
by Fotus9 January 09, 2009
"Not telling you" is an expression you use when you want to piss off people by not telling them something the want to know.
Guy1: I had sex last night, want to know who I had sex with?
Guy2: Who? Who?
Guy1: Not telling you.
Guy2: Oh fu...
Guy1: Don't curse, mister!
by Fotus9 January 10, 2009

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