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1. a shot of liquor taken from the belly button of an unkempt person.
Sarah was really drunk by the time she decided to take body shots off of Willy the biker. As she sucked the cheap tequila from his navel, she got a rude awakening when a soggy mass of "lint liquor" lodged in the back of her throat.
by Fotofly November 24, 2010
1. when someone with a microphone hijacks the peace and quiet of a public space with unwanted, unintelligible, or superfluous information.
I finally got settled in my seat in the back of the plane. I pulled out my book and began to get back into the complex and entertaining storyline. That is when the "speakulation" began spewing out of the speaker above my head. The flight attendant, then the pilot, then the flight attendant again, over and over every thirty seconds for most of the flight, I was bombarded with unintelligible, and unwanted information that actually hurt my ears to listen to.
by Fotofly November 24, 2010
Flying an aircraft for a company that keeps cutting benefits, safety programs, and salaries in order to give the top executives more money.
Captain Crunch was tired, but he climbed back in the cockpit for another flight. This was no longer fun or profitable. In fact, sometimes he suspected the maintenance wasn't really getting done. He decided to keep his head down and his mouth shut to avoid a beat down by management. The "slaviation" industry had broken his will to resist. The plane took off and exploded in mid-air thirty minutes later.
by Fotofly November 23, 2010
1. half priest, half beast, this horned mythological monster prays on the bones of children, while posing as a respectable member of society.
The Wildapriest reared it's ugly head and galloped off toward the elementary school with a hungry look in his eyes.
by Fotofly November 23, 2010
Tour bus full of Chinese people that speak no English.
Another Mongolian Motorcoach crashed and burned in the Grand Canyon today.
by Fotofly November 23, 2010
to systematically feel up a passenger in an airport, while pretending not to be a pervert.
Latisha, the T.S.A. agent, couldn't wait to get to work so she could "scanhandle" some fat women's breasts.
by Fotofly November 23, 2010
1. refers to an airline that charges a fee for checked bags, while decreasing the size of their overhead bins to force you into checking luggage.
A-Airlines is such a feebagger, they charged me a fee to check my bags, to use the bathroom, and even to look out the window.
by Fotofly November 28, 2010
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