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Life has no meaning on it's own, you have to define that meaning by yourself. Whether it'd be an influence, or something that you've found out by yourself. However it should be progressive and not move in a vicious cycle, however if you want your life to move in a vicious cycle then so be it, it is not my decision to make the living human that you are.

It can be ugly, yet beautiful at the very same passing moment if you played your cards right.
Vicious cycle - what's the point of life? why do i even live?/ i wish i could just die!11 but beffore i do that, i will go on myspace or livejournal or somewhere where i can get attentshun

Progressive: Disappointed but will not complain, will try to move on, will work hard but not too hard to stress oneself.

by Fossil Roo June 13, 2006

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