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The newest edition of the completely awesome Battlefield Series. It is fun, HOWEVER, since the previous def. was written before release...certain events have happened that YOU the reader should know about.

Since the release, the BF community has been filled up with complete idiots. Now, I'm not saying everyone is, all you homies from 1942 rock! But the fags from Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament decided to give BF2 a go and are really bringing the BF community down.

The ranking system that everyone creamed their pants over when they heard about it is retarded. It was supposed to increase teamwork. Yeah..right! Since all the geeks get an erection over badges, they go do rambo shit and ruin any chances of teamwork.

AND NOW, The folk$$$$$ over at EA are releasing booster packs, or I should say boo$$$$ter packs. Why in the holy shit would yo get this nonsense? Haven't you ever heard of MODS. Forgotten Hope 2, Point of Existence 2, Desert Conflict anyone? And don't give me, "EA's stuff is made by pro's and is more polised.." BULLSHIT, they had to recall a fucking patch..and most vehicles and weapons don't feel right at all compared to mods..yeah they sure are pros. And anyone with an Elementary School education can realize that Forgotten Hope for BF1942 was MUCH MORE polished, and ALOT MORE fun that vanilla BF1942.

The 1.2 patch does sound somewhat promising, but we all know that patches in the Battlefield series are either godsends, or the spawn of satan.

Well, there ya have it. Your healthy dose of the happenings in the Battlefield 2 community as of 1/11/06. Happy gaming!
EA Fanboy: "ZoMG buustr P4kz 4 Battlefield 2, dey gonna zpwns!!!"

Smart Mod user: "Yeah..right. I'll take Forgotten Hope 2 which contains 3GB of content for free."
by ForsakeEA January 11, 2006

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