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SMIC is a great school to go to if you like freezing in the winter, burning in the summer, having windows break without touching them, eating food that has some serious health problems, and much more. There was no air conditioning; we had a load of broken AC machines though! The student population is 97% Asians, 3% white, and 0% black.

The cafeteria and its food was seriously disgusting. The rat on the ceiling made my day. They changed it this year, but the last 12 years were nasty noodles, chicken head popcorn chicken (inedible by the way), oily junk food that is in the both the literal sense and figurative sense. The scraps were given to the guard dogs who have disappeared some time ago. Rumor had it that they were killed until an American teacher let it out that he ate them. It was his first and "last" time to eat dog meat.

In sports news, they have a great basketball team. Legendary basketball coach Cabanos once said, "I'm now trying to be the first high school basketball team in Shanghai to reach 100 points. That's no easy task when the games end when there is a difference in 30 points. In order to reach 100, we let the other team score the points for one full minute each and every quarter." The rest of the time, the team barely ever not have their hands on their ball(s). The gym was a ghetto place held up by heavy-duty tape; the floor was horrible until they finally replaced it. Something actually good.
The place where nerd-athlete can be used to describe someone.
Kid 1: Just finished cleaning the whole wing of the school.
Kid 2: Why? You got a detention?
Kid 1: No, it's The SMIC Private School, we have to clean up, the ayis (cleaners) sit and watch.

Student (born after 2000): How old is this computer?
Teacher: Older than you.

Teacher: How many of us live in the ghetto outside?
30% of the hands raise up.
Teacher: So which one of you sprayed the toilets (a third of which are just irrigated holes in the ground) with spraypaint?
by Former SMIC Slave November 01, 2012

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