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Coastside town in Northern California. Home of the REAL Norcal shop. Not the fake shit you find everywhere else. Drinking is rampant in Pacifica, and Weed is used as a source for entertainment. Hosts some of the craziest parties every weekend and all summer. Often abbrievated "P-town" by the locals. People from Pacifica will use the terms "Hella","Fool","Can't EVEN do it" "Don't EVEN know" and "Slaps" extensivley. Number 1 town in all San Mateo. 650.
Person 1: Where are you going this weekend?

Person 2: I don't know, Chico why?

Person 1: Oh shit that sucks im hitting up a few parties in Pacifica.

Person 2: Well fuck me! Looks like theres a change in the wind.
by Former ResidentofPtown May 16, 2010

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