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-an extremely good looking heterosexual male, whom usually tag teams powerline Marine's girlfriends.
-a modern day superhero whom's Large and massive penis protects all the honies from the losers of the avionic and ordance divisions
-God's gift to the world because he felt bad that he created flight equipment, seat shop, s-shops, and tool room.
-a person from the airframe division who is sent to maintenance control or qaulity assurance to save the squadron.
-a disciplinary
-a marine that is respected by all other workcenters.
Powerline Guy 1- so what did you and your girlfriend do last nite
Powerline Guy 2- an airframer stole my girl and had his way with her
Powerline Guy 1- oh man that happened to me too last week.
Powerline Guy 1&2- I wish i was an airframer
Powerline guy 1- hey lets go visit Kamal
Powerline guy 2- oh yea he'll make us happy
Powerline guy 1 & 2 (together) YUMMY !!!!
by Former Powerline Girlfriend March 26, 2008

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