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There are several different types of New Trier students, often intersecting. 99% of New Trier students fall into at least one of these types.

1). Rich asshats with way too much money and way too little attention from their parents. Therefore, they try to grab attention by spending their ample supplies of money outlandishly, and/or on drugs.

2.) "College factory" geeks who spend Friday and Saturday nights studying so they can get into Princeton. What school you get into in New Trier is very important. New Trier requires extraordinary tests of academic devotion to reach the upper echelons, and can assign upwards of 5 hours of homework a night. These students are very competetive about college spots, and will overload on distinctions and extra-cirriculars. Some of these people have parents who only care about the prestige of where their student goes to college. Those in category 1, however, don't give a shit because they often have gyms and libraries named after them at certain schools already.

3.) Goths so outraged by the wretched New Trier culture and conformist system that they create their own wretched culture and conformist system that operates as a proud underclass in the school.

4.) People with causes such as Amnesty International, PETA, the Green Party and Greenpeace who like to talk a good game but really don't accomplish a damn to help anyone, and then drive their parents' SUV to buy shit at Walmart.

5.) Right-wing douchebags who think the fact that they have money makes them exceptionally special in the world. Will wear suits at every possible occaision, and fancy shit on all others. Most have never met a poor person or a black person.

1.) Paris Hilton. Lots of people like that in NT. Tons of cash, DUIs, fashionable shit, entitlement, heirs to large fortunes.

2.) Girl RW, who made copies of her exam study guide which was far more thorough than the one the teacher gave, or who cried when she flunked a minor English assignment Freshman year. Goes to Yale. Or Guy AO, who claimed to be valedictorian by comparing his GPA with others (NT does not do class rank). Guy AO's parents worked at Harvard, and he proclaimed that he "didn't need to write a good essay to het in there." He was rejected in his early application, but still had the option to apply regularly, leaving him to proclaim, "now I don't want to go to Harvard." Goes to Stanford.

3.) Like most Goths.

4.) Limosine liberals. Like some actors. Only like being liberal because it makes them feel good, not because they like to help others.

5.) Steve Forbes. Just think of the stupidest, most ignorant asshole you know and then think dumber and more insensitive. A long line of famous these have come from New Trier, including Donald Rumsfeld and Charlton Heston.
by Former NT #2 September 11, 2006

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