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The act of strong dislike. Discringe is somewhere in between dislike and hatred. A very polite and classy word.
I don't like drunk drivers. I can't stand drunk drivers. I DISCRINGE drunk drivers.

"I'm very sorry I haven't paid you back yet. I discringe being poor."
by Forkie December 08, 2003
really good crystal. Not to be confused with bomb shit which can also be weed.
Richie, don't ask for bomb unless you want it. I can get you some bomb shit... but you are NOT SMOKING BOMB!
by Forkie December 08, 2003
(a) a French person who likes to fuck people in the ass

(b) a more different person who likes to fuck French ass
I saw a guy on the trolley today wearing a red suit and pink shirt. What a French ass fucker.
by Forkie January 03, 2004

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