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I wanna fuck your sexy, juicy ayus girl.
#tasty #juicy #sexy #yummy #amazing
by Forgotton123 January 02, 2012
A forf cunt is a bitch who dresses with her ass and tits hanging out, wearing clothes 10 sizes too small. She walks around and flaunts her breasts and shakes her little ass. She puffs out one ass cheek to one side very time she takes a step, and holds her head arrogantly high. Now, this isn't bad at all, yet the following is what fully converts a bitch into a forf cunt. The bitch is all of the above----however----when confronted by a man who wants to compliment her, ask her on a date, or simply wants to talk, the forf cunt will scream sexual harassment. She wants nothing to do with relationships or interaction, yet the way she dresses screams otherwise. Fucking forfing cunt.
Nah bro, don't approach that piece of shit forf cunt---you don't want sexual harassment charges brought against you for saying she looks nice.
#bitch #cunt #forf #asshole #dumbass
by Forgotton123 October 08, 2015
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