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A girl that may seem sort of shy at first, but you just have to get to know her. She has lovely blue eyes, long brown hair, and a personality like no other. She will make you like her some way or another. She would never dare to hurt you, and always trys to see the best in people! She's sweet, kind, honest, funny, stylish, and just plain unique. I've liked her ever since the 3rd grade, and I'm a sophomore now, when she looks at you with those big blue eyes of hers, well there's no turning back! She's innocent but daring and mysterious at the same time. Everyone I can think of likes her because she's herself and doesn't try to be anyone else. Anyone would be lucky to have her, I'm just lucky enough to be her friend. I truly hope that everyone out there could meet a Molly like this(:
"Are you okay, it looked like you were crying earlier?"-Allie
"Yeah I'm fine, Molly talked to me(:"-Kendra
by ForeverYours<33 January 21, 2011

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