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When a guy and girl are Fucking and the condom breaks either un noticed or at the wrong moment Result : An OMG moment that could result in an end product of a possible Dump 'N' Dash, Bastard Baby, or STD Stunner!
Dude Last night I Had a Condom Catastrophe!!!!
by Forever Fun 'N' Faithful August 29, 2009
A Baby who has eitehr No Father or possibly No mother... Often the result of A Condom Catastrophe!
Amy: Your baby is so cute!

Vicky: Thanks she is my Condom catastrophe, bastard baby!
by Forever Fun 'N' Faithful August 29, 2009
When You have a Condom Catastrophe which in the end results in at least one STD if not possibly more! "Next time wrap that bitch up tighter!"
Remeber that condom catastrophe I told you about.. well now I got some STD stunner news from my Doctor!
by Forever Fun 'N' Faithful August 29, 2009
A Group of people who get together in order to use the seductive Dance as means of fucking...
A way of partner Swapping and moving in such ways as to seduce and intice all the senses and share your experience with many partners!Practice makes perfect in this partner swapping game in which the men must take the lead and show a lady how it's done!
Wanna learn to Bango Tango with Us?
by Forever Fun 'N' Faithful August 29, 2009
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