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The act of sneaking in snacks (like in your pocket, coat, or a purse) (usually packaged candy) to a place that already sells snacks and candy and which either frowns upon or forbids people from bringing their own (since they want to sell you their usually very overpriced snacks).
Person 1: Hey I got each of us a bag of M&Ms from the theater snack counter, it set me back 8$ though.

Person 2: 8$?! Man you need to start snack smuggling, you would have saved 6$.
by Forever Artist March 30, 2008
The term expresses an exceptionally good performance by someone

The term is used in such a way that if the person (who the term is being directed to) actually is getting paid for whatever s/he is doing, then merely saying the term (and technically expressing the obvious) actually means to express that that person is going above and beyond the job requirements and should be getting paid a lot (maybe more than s/he is getting paid).

If money is not already involved then it just expresses that the person is doing such a good job that it's like s/he is getting paid and still going above and beyond the requirements.
Example 1:

(Childris works as a cashier in a grocery store making an hourly wage of 7.50$)

Childris: Hey, did you see me yesterday? I scanned through 227 items and had all of them bagged within 5 minutes

Fellow Cashier: Hell yeah I did, you were getting paid!

Example 2:

Person 1: I've been training to play basketball all summer, so I challeneged my younger brother 1 on 1 and he beat me 15 to 2

Person 2: Wow, your brother is gettin' paid!
by Forever Artist April 25, 2008
To purge or at least attempt to purge an establishment by killing the people that belong to it (whether it is justified or not).

(Look up "Cho")
Person 1: Man I hate all those fuckin' dumbasses at McDonalds, it makes me wana choilize (Bring upon the choilization of) that sorry excuse for a place.

Me: Right on man, but if I was the owner of that place I wouldn't care, just as long as I kept making big money from those half brained peasents working for me, and the atrocious uncouth things (also known as "McDonald's customers) that they serve "Chicken McShit" to.
by Forever Artist September 03, 2007
Used in the same manner in speaking as "/" is used when typing in emotions, actions, or reactions in text.

In text, (such as in a chat room online) "/" is understood that it is not to be spoken, but sets the platform for an "action" or emotion one is trying to express. the reason that this tool is used in text is to express things that can only be expressed in person, and not through text.

When using "backslash" out of text, it has to be spoken, then it is followed by the emotion or "action". the reason that this is used at all, is to exaggerate a thought, feeling, or show a desire to do something, as it is usually exaggerated in the text form as well.
In text:

Person 1: I just bet my friend 300$ that he wouldn't eat a pile of dog shit... now I'm out 300$ dollars!

Person 2: OMG! /vomit

Person 3: Wtf? Seriously? /dies

In real life:

Boss: We are having to cut back on workers, and you are going to be the first one to have to go. I'm sorry, You're fired.

Fired Employee: What?! Backslash slap! (Does not actually slap him)

Girlfriend: It was nice having sex with you... but I wish your cock was a bit bigger.

Boyfriend: Er.... backslash embarrassed.

Both "Backslash" and "/" can be used in all of the exact same ways.
by Forever Artist January 09, 2009
The name "Cho" added to the word "owned"

Why?: "Cho" was a real person who "owned" a bunch of people, and his name just happens to easily be combined with the word "owned".

(Is used in the same manner as the word "owned")
If you don't pay me back my money by tommorow I'm gona chown your ass.

Stop being a dickhead, unless you wana get chowned right now.
by Forever Artist September 03, 2007
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