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1) A combination of two words: church and coffee. Churffee is the low quality, flavorless coffee served at church functions, cheap receptions, work luncheons and offices worldwide. It is only fit to be consumed as a last resort and requires the addition of sugar and creamer to make it palatable.

2) The Hellspawn, bastard son of coffee.
"Are you ready for this 3 hour meeting?"
"Hold on, I need to get some churffee first."

"This office always brews the worst churffee."
by Forest Jones August 15, 2006
1) A beer-drinking event so monumental it may signal the end of the world itself. Used for grandiose pub crawls, splendiferous house parties and nights out drinking with Englishmen.
"Dude, you better eat a big breakfast... tonight is the lagerpocalypse."

"Mate, be sure to eat your Full English... tonight is the lagerpocalypse."
by Forest Jones July 17, 2013

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