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The famous pony car, made by the Ford Motor Company, is the longest production pony car to date. It is well known for it's performance to dollar value and has the largest aftermarket support than any other car (yes even more then your LT1 or your civic). This car is a legend in the car industry; So well yes it was the first muscle car to come with a 4 cylinder... it didn't get discontinued either. Also another interesting point, the most widely known engine on the planet is actually the mustangs infamous 302/5L motor, so many people who know nothing about cars will approach a mustang owner and ask them if it has 5.0L in it, when in fact it hasn't been in a mustang since 1995. Just to let you know (with the exception of the 2000 cobra R and GT500) the 1996-2004 mustang GT uses a 4.6L SOHC modular motor (modular is not a pushrod motor), and the 1996-2004 cobra uses a 4.6L DOHC modular motor; The 2005-2010 uses a 4.6L SOHC 3v modular motor and now, as alot of people have heard, the 2011 GT is equiped with the 5.0L DOHC, one of the most best motors in production currently. So please, don't walk up to any mustang owner and ask if it has a 5.0L or 302 in it. It makes you look like you know shit and the models produced that DO have them, have badges on the fenders usually. The best models produced to date:

1969-1970 Boss 429, 1969-1970 Boss 302, 1971 Boss 351, 1967 GT-350 R, 1993 Cobra R, 1995 Cobra R, 2000 Cobra R, 2003-2004 SVT Cobra, 2011 GT500.
"Dude is that your mustang?" ..."yep"......"That's sweet!"......"I know". Just like that.
by Ford representative July 29, 2010

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