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Space Cases is a science fiction television series that aired on Nickelodeon for two seasons. Its premise revolves around a group of misfit students and two adults who get themselves stuck within a strange alien ship that undergoes accidental deep space travel, stranding them in a region of space far from home. Their attempts at journeying back sees many dangerous adventures and controversies, with some occasionally more mature themes.
Did you guys watch "Space Cases" last night on Snick?
by Footrockstar October 14, 2007
Of or relating to a black person. Coming from the cliche "black is beautiful." In no way meant to be derrogatroy.
I went to a "beautiful" neighbor hood and kicked it with some "beautiful people."
by Footrockstar October 14, 2007
Used as a derragatory word towards women, but reclaimed as some as a power word. Giving the word cunt powers like that of bitch. Used to show power, beauty, intellegence, attitude and how fierce one really is. In the process of being reclaimed by women and gay men the world around.
A:Nikolle is you are such a cunt!
N:I know I am and so are you!
by Footrockstar October 14, 2007

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