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A sport which the point of the game is to get the Stewie Griffin head- shaped ball to the endzone for points by carrying or passing the ball. In the end whoever has the most points wins. NFL (National Football League) is a company that makes football teams all across America and puts games on television. The sport requires lots of padding as there is lots of tackling involved. To play you'll need this gear: Cup, Briefs(Jockstrap or compression shorts), Girdle, Football pants with thigh and knee pads, Cleats, shoulder pads, a jersey, and a helmet, mouthguard and chinstrap. Usually played by men.
Jillian: Hey I heard that hot guy Dylan is playing football for the school this year!
Lindsay: Yeah! He's trying out for quarterback!
Jillian: I'm so excited to cheer for him!
by FootballGuy July 16, 2012

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