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1) The state from which jankiness is derived.

2) When using a non-Division 1 office product that is janky, you are currently in the State of Jankyville.

3) The place you find yourself when everyone around you is a complete fuck-up and nothing is working properly.

4) A very good football play.
Tim is in Jankyville because his computer isn't working properly.
by Football GA October 20, 2006
1) from the Latin root word "shortis stumpi"

2) the opposite of nardo

3) someone who is so money that passer-byers just stare in awe and wonder

4) the arch nemises of the comic book character "The Groomsinator"

5) also used as "Sholtergeist" as slang for the hit movie Poltergeist
That guy who just one the spelling bee has sholtis skills.
by Football GA October 23, 2006

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