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A bit of land tht has no name, but realy isnt that interesting. Foosh comes from the word F*ck. So also a good place to do that.
Lizzy: You wanna go to that field
Bobby: You Mean Foosh Land! Yerr lets go its a good place to Foosh!
Lizzy: WOO!
by FooshBethFoosh April 28, 2007
Freeze, Flick and Freak.
when your so cold that your nipple freezes, you then flick it off, and freak out because you have no nipple.
also known as triple F
dannielle: i'm so cold im gonna FFF
Beth: triple F!!
by fooshbethfoosh May 03, 2009
emphasising on the word shush, or just shush in a accent.
Beth: Heyy Lauren, go foosh yrself!
Lauren: Shashhh!
by fooshbethfoosh March 02, 2008

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