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Kip: A small, alcohol-dwelling creature of asian origin. When alarmed or distressed, makes a curious sound that has been variously described as "a female wookie" or "whale noises".

This diminutive mammal will krump furiously when challenged, in what scientists believe is a sort of unbearably sexy mating ritual. The natural enemy of the Common or "Garden-Variety" Slut, the Kip is most at home when watching bizarre Japanese video clips or drinkan with other, similar mammals.

The Kip exhibits a curious form of symbiosis with the Rex, a large, wooly-haired and exceptionally handsome beast with the world's largest penis-to-mass ratio. The Rex and the Kip will bond at the slightest opportunity, displaying such behaviour as "hand-hugging" and "making a fist bump and then turning it into a pimpshit fuckin rocket", as scientists have dubbed them. They will then make ridiculous faces at each other until one or the other gives in before becoming fully unclothed and imbibing copious amounts of alcohol.

Scientists believe that this strange species (as well as the Rex) are related to a now-extinct genus known as the Dorkus Malorkus, due to extremely similar behavioral patterns.


a typical conversation between the Kip and the Rex

"I hate you."




Another typical exchange.
by Foolius Decimus Meridius November 01, 2010

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