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A band capable of making no bad music, even if they were rotting corpses that couldn't move, the sound of bugs eating their entrails would still be pure musical genius, because their spirits would will the insects to create harmonies and rhythms.

Sarcasm is ineffective when describing this band. All bad things said are wrong. Your argument is invalid.
Porcupine Tree is an awesome band. There is no other opinion. Opinions can be wrong.
#awesome #epic #wonderful #porcupine tree #opeth #steven wilson
by Foofy! May 09, 2011
Someone who is so douchey, they destroy all signs of non-douche, and their being there radiates doucheness for hours, sometimes weeks.
Those people from Jersey Shore are such douchenukes.
#douche #doucheness #nukes of douche #douche-nuke #doushenuke
by Foofy! April 18, 2011
Someone who claims to be a metalhead, but is, in fact, a poser.
Bob is such a poserhead, he doesn't even own anything by Black Sabbath.
#poser #posertasm #posertastic #posuer #one who poses #failure #noob #douchenuke
by Foofy! April 18, 2011
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