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Supreme Court of the United States, highest court in the USA. Judges are nominated by the president, and serve for life.
The SCOTUS is a bunch of old motherfuckers who have completely lost touch with reality.
by foo July 28, 2003
white girl that only goes with black men
yo you crazy assed trailor trash wogsocket!
by foo June 22, 2003
1) One who seeks all control in a relationship; One who insists on making all decisions.
"Tonight, honey, we're having meatloaf, whether you like it or not."
by Foo November 16, 2003
retarded little boy that thinks he's cool
Everyone else: fuck you fag
by foo June 23, 2003
A vision, how a mind sees the world.
Ganja has restored my sight. It has given me a new vision upon the world.
by foo November 10, 2003
Slang term for dick.
"Villman, stop playing with your peniX!"
by foo December 20, 2002
equipment used to chill beer while dispensing.
joe was dispensing cold beer on his jocky box at the picnic
by foo November 22, 2003

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