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2 definitions by FonzieFonzFonz

Otherwise known as a 40oz for the newer generation, in the older generation of our parents, it is short-hand for a Giant Imperial Quart; a quart being 32oz, an imperial quart being 38.4 oz, and a giant imperial quart being 40oz.
Father: "Back in my day alls we did to relax was drink a couple of G.I.Q.'s"
Son: "Drink a couple of what?"
Father: "It's what you call a 40oz, it means Giant Imperial Quart"
Son: "Oh why didn't you say so? Me and my friends drink those all the time"
Father: "You WHAT?!?"
by FonzieFonzFonz October 27, 2004
Hails from Long Island, New York, specifically the Oak Beach Inn in Hampton Bays. Said to be invented by bartender Robert "Rosebud" Butt. The original recipe called for one ounce of vodka, gin, tequila, and light rum, a half-ounce of triple sec, a dash of lemon juice, and a splash of cola. Today it is served many different ways, but the best place to get one is at any bar on Long Island.
John: "Yo I finally got that bitch Sarah to climb in bed with me"
Steve: "What you give her, a Rohypnol?"
John: "No I just made her a couple Long Island Iced Tea's and she was glad to get in bed with me”
by FonzieFonzFonz October 26, 2004