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3 definitions by Fonzi Winkler

When someone's or a group of person's actions, skills, arguement, logic, idea, or perfomance becomes entirely shot down, owned, pwnd, ruin, annihilated, whomped, stomped, crushed, debilitated, obliterated, or any other way proven wrong, futile, or insignificant by another person, group of persons, or most hilariously, AI.
While played Street Fighter 3, Jesse busted out Chun Li's rapid kick super art, which Ben sat back and red parried the entire thing and proceeded to chain into a fierce uppercut chained into a Shoryu Reppa with Ken winning the tournament. Shortly thereafter, Tom came to Jesse's face to rub in it, "Man, Ben just clown porned the shit outta your Chun Li move!"
by Fonzi Winkler April 23, 2008
3 2
The mystical spirit of facial hair, who often wakes up prejudiced towards a type or types of facial hair or lack there of and causes physical, emotional, or mental harm to those he wakes up prejudiced to.
"Dude, I wasn't gunna shower this morning before class, but the Hairy Bear Fairy woke up prejudiced towards lumberjack beards, and mine was unruly and unsightly. So in order to more thoroughly impress the ladies, I showered and tended to my lumberjack beard to appease the Hairy Bear Fairy. You wanna be on his good side man..."
by Fonzi Winkler April 23, 2008
3 5
A greeting that can commonplacedly replace whatsup.
*ring ring* "Hotsoup!" "not much man, whaddyou up to?"
by Fonzi Winkler April 23, 2008
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