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3 definitions by FomeDe

An individual who fornicates with robots.
Joe- " hey, did dave just walk into the bathroom with the new edition of popular robotics and a bottle of lotion?
Tom- " yeah, didn't you hear? he's a big time shia Labeouf.
by FomeDe September 01, 2009
When a man or woman let's someone ferociously fornicate with their colonoscopy bag hole. In turn, literally fucking their guts out.
-"Hey Greg how much for a gut fuck?"

"Oh fuck, uhm..... $300?"

-"Alright sounds good to me"

"Try to stay away from my liver"

-"I can't control it once it's in, it does what it wants...."
by FomeDe January 10, 2012
1.) a mixed martial arts fighter, who's actual christened name blows. 2.) a General in the movie "patriot". 3.) a stinky queer. 4.) a half irish, half jew, but slightly italian drunk.
"holy shit cornwallis you cant just kill innocent people!?
by Fomede August 31, 2009