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A creature that can live on land or in water that at first appears to be a bizarre, twisted, knotty piece of tree branch or root. They can be any size but can be seen only under the influence of mind expanding substances or by children.
We went canoeing on mushrooms and saw many catapus along the banks of the Fox river.
by Follows Herons April 27, 2006
A fart.

The breath of a prairie dog.

Shit smell
Damn! Go drown that prairie dog dude! I can smell dog breath and I heard it barkin'!
by Follows herons October 31, 2006
When a chick gives a guy a blowjob while he is standing and she is squating in front of him. After he comes, she lets the jizz run out of her mouth like a perched gargoyle with rain water draining from its mouth.
Meredith gave me the hottest gargoyle. She rules.
by Follows Herons August 08, 2006
When an old man that can no longer produce semen ejaculates and nothing but dust puffs out of his dick in a cloud.
James: I think grandma and grandpa were doing it last night.

Randy: Yeah, I'm sure he gave her a good dusting.
by Follows Herons May 31, 2006
Going down on a chick while she is taking a dump. The alternative to a blumpy.
I would so totally give Gina a blicky.
by Follows Herons September 07, 2007

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