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2 definitions by FollowYourBlissTV

When someone gets punk'd (pranked) in a way that makes ALL their DREAMS come true !
Girl #1 : "Hey Nikki, I heard you got TOTALLY punk'd with your marriage proposal"

Bride-to-Be : "Yeah! he got me ... I had no idea WTF was happening"

Girl #1 : "But it was like what you always dreamed of tho' ... wasn't it ?"

Bride-to-Be : "Oh yeah ! He totally bliss-BOMB'd me"
by FollowYourBlissTV January 16, 2014
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A prank someone does to you that is secretly (or not) your biggest wish in life.
Dude : "Hey did you hear about those guys who helped that little kid with cancer?"

Chick: "No - what happened ?"

Dude: "These cops found out this dying kid wanted to be a policeman, so they went round to his family with a mini-uniform and an electric toy motorbike"

Chick: " No way?"

Dude: "Yeah, they dropped a bliss-BOMB on that family !"
by FollowYourBlissTV January 16, 2014
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