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The annoyance you feel when a valid organization like Planned Parenthood or ACORN or the NAACP ( all non- whites in general) is being harressed or misrepresented on Fox News. This feeling also arises whenever you hear the "Fair and Balanced" promo commerials on Fox News, because you know thats a right out lie.
Fox anchor ( blonde attractive pyscho): Planned Parenthood is forcing women to get abortions weather they want to have the baby or not, and black people are scary. This and more after these commerials.
Viewer: What bullshit, this is such a Fox Newsance.
by FoggyBreath May 16, 2011
The middle children of the middle east. America helps these people some, but it doens't even compare to how much America does for Isreal. They have been disrespected and have been pretty much forgotten about in the western world. Much like a middle child in a large family.
Palestinian? Gaza? Who cares?
by FoggyBreath April 14, 2011
Coined by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, it is the air breathed in while watching Fox News. Part oxygen, part nitrogen, part misleading facts, half truths, and right out lies. Serious brain damage can be caused by inhaling it just one time. Irrational fear of non whites and government take over are side effects of breathing this. It is more harmful than cigarettes.
Bob: Why don't you want to go into the mall?
Bill: I think I breathed in too much foxygen earlier now I'm scared of those black people and I think everyone should own a gun and masturbate daily to Ronald Reagan.
by FoggyBreath May 19, 2011
A young Muslim woman who doesn't fit the sterotype of all muslim woman. She dresses how she wants and is very outspoken. She is usually Sufi, but sometimes one of the more conservitive branches of Islam. This is a very rare personality, that few woman anywhere have, treat her good.
Guy1: Who's ur new girlfriend she looks exotic?
Guy2: Dude, she's Muslim can you believe that you thought it was cool hooking up wit black chicks.
Guy1: That is a Islamamama right there, son!!
by FoggyBreath May 23, 2011

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