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The piece of apple that remains slightly attached by the skin when a bite is not executed to the fullest extent.
Victoria's proudly flicking a piece of apple still connected to the rest and Julia says "Wow... that is a niiiice flapple."
by Fodrizzle Stevens April 20, 2012
When someone shoves an apricot in another person's mouth without their consent.
"Don't you dare rapricot me! NO MEANS NO."

"You're such a rapricotist...."
by Fodrizzle Stevens April 20, 2012
The runt of the litter of wedges contained in a clementine. You know, that one awkwardly little one?
"Hey do you want my clementiny?"

"Hell yeah, they taste better than the normal ones!"
by Fodrizzle Stevens April 20, 2012
The act of throwing up recently eaten cucumber.
"Oh my gosh, did you see what happened at lunch?"

"No, I was doing drugs in the bathroom."

"Oh.... well, Victoria pukumbered all over the place."
by Fodrizzle Stevens April 20, 2012
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