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Verb; when a plan goes horribly wrong. To be interpreted as an order of magnitude worse than "Backfired".
FunnyJunk: Hey TheOatmeal, I'm suing you for 20,000$ in damages.

TheOatmeal: Oh really now? How about "f*ck off" ?

FunnyJunk: lol! Dude... do you even lift?

TheOatmeal: Actually, I'm going to fund-raise 20,000$, give it to charity instead, crucify your website by turning most of your user-base against you, have my fans inadvertently cause a DDoS on your lawyer website. Oh, and why not raise 120,000$ for charity instead, while I'm at it.

FunnyJunk: F*ck... my plan totally Oatmealed :,-(

TheOatmeal: Friendly suggestion: drop the lawsuit. Or else.
by Fock Hoff June 12, 2012

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