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3 definitions by Fobill

Someone giving a handjob during a power outage, when there's nothing else to do.
"Shit, the lights went out. Who wants to be my Amish Handyman?" Jeff exclaimed. "Go with Christ."
by Fobill April 19, 2010
5 1
A sex act between two dudes wearing pants, where they insert their penises through each others' fly holes, and then reach down their own pants and jerk the other man to completion.
Yo, Jeff, did we do a Swedish Swap Meat last night? Cause my pants are full of your jizz. Go with Christ.
by Fobill April 19, 2010
3 3
Similar to a High-Five, the Low Two is when two dudes' balls slap together in the act of double penetrating a woman.
Yo, Jeff, gimme a low two, cause this hood-rat can take it to the base!
by Fobill April 19, 2010
2 2