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This is when one wins at the game of Fobbing and pulls out before recipient throws up however still ejaculates.

If you pull out before ejaculation and chunder then you have not fob won or lost.

See Fobbing
''I so nearly Fob won earlier with this girl but right at the last minute she threw up all over me!''
''Aaah dude I hate it when you think you've got a fob win on your hands and then... bam! Sick everywhere...''
by FobMaster_2010 March 23, 2010
To accomplish a Fog Clog it require both skill, timing and an element of luck.
A fob clog is when both participants of the fobbing, release their fluids at the same time, and a 'clog' occurs in the recipients throat.

At this point its like a stalemate, however, unless extremely skilled, the recipient is likely to expel the fluids over the 'fobber'. If a skilled fobber is at work, they might be able to pull out and avoid the fluids.

However, be warned, a novice 'fobber' should not attempt a Fob Clog unless wearing old or unwanted clothes, as it is a very difficult and unique skill to acquire.
''It was crazy, I was Fobbing this drunk chick the other night and I totally Fob Clogged her up and I didn't know what to do, cause I usually Fob Win''
''So what did you do??''
''Well I sorta stayed there for a second or two, then pulled out and dived out of the way...!''
''Did you get covered??''
''No I got a little on my shoe, but avoided most of it..!!''
''Well played!! I've heard thats pretty hard!''
by FobMaster_2010 March 23, 2010
A Fob lose is the act of fobbing but as a result of which, the recipient throws up before you are able to ejaculate.

If you ejaculate before the recipient throws up you have accomplished a Fob Win and should be very proud.

Even if you pull out, if the recipient still throws up within five seconds and without the aid of any other members, you have Fob lost.

See Fobbing
''I was with my girlfriend last night, and I'm telling you man, she's got such a quick gag reflex... 9 out of 10 times I Fob lose..!!''
by FobMaster_2010 March 25, 2010
A tactical chunder assisted by a third party's penis.

Fobbing can be taken beyond just a friendly gesture and into the realms of competition. For example, a Fob Win would be when the owner of the penis ejaculates before the vomitee can vomit. A Fob Lose is when the vomitee vomits before the penis owner can reach climax. Finally, the Fob Clog can be seen as a draw. In this instance both parties will finish at exactly at the same time. This is the messiest of the possible outcomes.

Note: For a Fob Clog to be allowed, the penis must still be in the throat area.
Person 1: Yay I just got a Fob Win!
Person 2: *splutter* *wretch*

Person 1: Hey baby you look like you could use a good fobbing.
by fobmaster_2010 March 23, 2010

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