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Convulsions caused by a combination of sexual stimulation followed by uproarious laughter. Sexual stimulation increases tension and primes the body for release. The unexpected humor causes the aroused body to convulse with laughter, sometimes resulting in an unintended climax.
Derrick: "Oh, man, that girl’s pole dancing routine was so funny I almost had a humorgasm."

Dalton: "I know, right? Excuse me, I have to go change my underwear."
by FoamFan January 27, 2013
The combination of philosophy and special effects that makes one feel his life is examined, shared, and truly lived.
Quentin: "If your life were a movie, would anyone watch?"

Andy: "Probably not. I never really thought about life as a performance."

Quentin: "Life is a performance and dude, you could use some PhilosFX to make your life more interesting! Combine philosophy and special effects to make each day worth watching."

Andy: "Sounds like, whats the phrase? Technicolor Omphaloskepsis."

Quentin: "I call PhilosFX life: examined, shared, and truly lived."
by FoamFan December 18, 2012
A highly trained female professional skilled at both hypnosis and massage.
David: I am exhausted and stressed out!

Michael: Give Barbra a call. She is the best Hypotenuse in town! When you wake up after your massage, you will have no memory of any stress.
by FoamFan January 27, 2013
Practical wisdom, from the Greek praxis (practical) and -sophy (wisdom).
Socrates: "We don't need some fancy theory that gets us no where..."

Plato: "...and we don't need some cheap bromide that says nothing."

Aristotle: "Right! What we really need now is a good dose of PraXophy!"
by FoamFan December 18, 2012

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