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3 definitions by Fo Thugz

Duct taping 40 ounce beers to each hand.
"Dude Im not gay, he was Edward 40 hands and I had to help him piss"
by Fo Thugz November 14, 2006
272 118
-person who can spit mad game via the text message
-responds to all messages in less than 6 seconds
-sends sex texts on regular basis
-has "hey whats up" as a quick text
-master of the text message lingo, "aight i ttyl lol"
-has cell phone within arms reach at all times
"Damn he hit me back quicker than jimmy crack corn, that text message pimp!"
by Fo Thugz November 14, 2006
52 24
also known as taint strip, the area of skin between the nut sac and the ass hole. Often times very hairy indeed.
"Thats bitch sucked my dick, licked my balls, then tickled my grundle fold with her ring finger."
by Fo Thugz November 14, 2006
10 10