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A taunt often screamed after proving your opponent wrong during or just after a heated argument. To conceed to this your opponent must reply, "your the baldwin baby!"
" And then i showed him the game was in the case where i had put it, and screamed, Whos the Baldwin Now Bitch!!"

"Jim said saoory and also, by the rules, Conceded that I was the baldwin."

Whos the Baldwin Now Bitch
by Flyingpenguin February 07, 2008
A common photography pose in which a person places their hand beneath their chin, forming a sort of shelf for their head to rest on, in order to better frame their face. When such a pose is used for a selfie, the resulting image is called a "shelfie"
"Excellent use of shelfing, Sasha! What an exquisite shelfie!"
by flyingpenguin December 14, 2014
A sexual act involving doggie style sex and when your partner least expects it, you stick your index finger into your partners ass and quickly make a hook with it and catch the inside of their mouth, pulling back like a fish hook.
"It was so nasty. When i was having sex with my boyfriend, he jamed his finger into my ass and gave me a john the fisherman!! I tasted that for days!"
by Flyingpenguin February 07, 2008
When you are having doggy style sex and you stick your index finger into your partners ass, then thrusting your poop stained finger into your partners nose and hooking it at an angle, the pulling back screaming "Whos The Baldwin Now Bitch!!"
"My girlfriend was being a bitch all day. When we got drunk later that night, I stuck my finger in her ass while i was ounding her and pulled a "Rusty Hook" on her! Afterwords to finish eairlyer fight I screamed my victory call, "WHOS THE BALDWIN NOW BITCH!?"
by Flyingpenguin February 07, 2008

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