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When you are asked by senior management to evaluate an idea and he/she expects an answer with no time for proper due diligence. You are then forced to "bounce it off the turtle" and see which direction it flies. It is very likely the idea will be approved based on your "careful" consideration and it will make or break your career.
Fred asked me to provide a solution for all of our revenue reporting. He expects it to predict changes in the industry and wants an answer by 8:00 AM tomorrow. I had to bounce it off the turtle and then updated my resume.
by Flying Bacon July 12, 2011
This is a term typically used by senior management when they want you to focus all efforts on the newest "shiny thing" that just popped up. The new thing is often less important than your usual work and will distract you to the point that they will later ask you why you aren't meeting deadlines. When someone tells you to ride herd, this should be a moment where you question your career choice.
Hey Todd, can you get Sam on the phone and ride herd till this is figured out?
by Flying Bacon March 18, 2011
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