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1) Noun: A fictional entry in an on-line wikipedia.
2) Noun: A fake word thrown into a conversation, in order to make listeners think the speaker is plugged in to some new source of slang.
I added the word fiki to the urban dictionary. It's like totally ficticious, but really should be a word, because making up new words keeps language from getting lame. I once made up a series of words, each one defined by another new word, to make a loop (circular definition). So it was a fiki-wiki-loop.
by Flyin' Brian April 20, 2006
Kayaking term for getting thrashed around in a large hydraulic (whirlpool, hole or breaking wave).
I dropped into Albert's Falls too far river-left and got totally Maytagged in that keeper hole.
by Flyin' Brian August 23, 2005
Still using leather ski boots, long after plastic boots became the norm.
Dude! GET WITH THE 90'S! I can't believe you're still riding the cow.
by Flyin' Brian August 23, 2005
Extra hard bike ride. Refers to yacking over the handlebars, or chumming for coyotes.
The climb over Red Mountian Pass is a real puker.
by Flyin' Brian August 23, 2005
Schizophrenic. Deluded. Nuts. Whacko.
Ever since he got stung on the scrotum, my dog goes schizoid every time he sees a bee.
by Flyin' Brian August 23, 2005
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