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Either of the extreme feelings of intense guilt or pure bliss after consuming a large amount of chocolate. Most often experienced by women with PMS or actually on their period.
After drinking eggnog and eating Russell Stover chocolates and double-fudge brownie ice cream, I was extremely inchocolacated.
by Flygirl January 02, 2007
Noun; Commonly a description of a person that is an acquaintance or someone you don't know very well but is truly a natural born asshole. Normally employed when speaking of someone who is more than deserving of being called a total f*#ing asshole but you won't dignify them by even using their name.
Did you hear the way that Doctor A. spoke to that nurse? Well yes, agreed she is lazy heifer, but he is just another Jack-Ass Jones!!
by FlyGirl November 13, 2013
Someone that is half-black and half-white, but tends more toward the white.
Jesse Jackson, in commenting on the Don Imus vs. Rutgers Womens Basketball team dispute, talks about "racial terminology", and cites Halle Berry having been described as "Halfrican-American".
by Flygirl April 11, 2007
1)An irreverent name for any airline captain bc of the total number of stripes worn on his/her shirt. Usually also wears scrambled eggs on the skipper hat as well.
2) Not to be confused with three stripes, who is the first officer and has no scrambled eggs on his/her hat.
Flight attendants talking after take off: "Did you hear that? Did you feel that? Trust me, that was no cargo shift like four stripes in the cockpit said.....and we are three hours over the pond and he is just now sending back three stripes to check out the vibrations in the back galley? And now we find out from the tower in Amsterdam that the engine cover blew on take off and landed on the beach of the North Sea?" "Way to go FOUR STRIPES!!!"
by FlyGirl December 29, 2013

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