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3 definitions by FlyGrl

verb: a thinly-veiled euphemism that advanced graduate students use to describe non-academic activities, often used with air quotes.
What were you doing at the bar yesterday afternoon? Oh, I was just "dissertating" *wink*.
by FlyGrl February 05, 2010
9 1
When your leg hair becomes so long, you start to look like a Sasquatch. Like Cactus Legs, but with longer hair.
Damn! That girl needs a Lady Bic, she has some major Yeti Legs going on.
by FlyGrl February 04, 2010
7 1
When you let out a foul-smelling fart inside a car, then turn the window locks on and turn up the heat.
I just Finnish sauna'd my boyfriend and he broke up with me.
by flygrl March 22, 2011
14 17