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Ive just been reading this column...I'm not a goth...More of a heavy I guess. Most of these "categories" you're all making don't mean anything. Goth is just a stupid label given to us by chavs -see chav-. They try to use it as an insult to us but really it's merely a compliment to our creative styles and fashions, as opposed to buying a pair off adidas trainers because we saw a bloke on t.v. wearing them. Goth's exist...but they are rare and few. Categories don't exist. If you consider yourself a goth, then unfortuantely yes...you may be a poser, but to the rest of you... "Stop categorising us" and to any chavs out there..."..i. II ,i.." Go f**k yourselves.
-Urban dictionary know it all's post-
"I hereby declare there are four types of goth...*random ranting about life and polotics which are relatively unrelated to the subject* I declare you all wannabe's, I AM the only true goth around...*hobbles off with terrible limp from being so far up his own arse*
-Random dude browsing the forums-
"Dude...let people live how they want...and stop telling people what they are or aren't. Isn't that the fundaments of being who we are...which means...You aren't a real goth! HAH!"

-Random event and personal true story-
Chav:"Yo mosh, wot fuck ya fink ur doin?"
Mosher:"Simply going home dude...i'm not looking for
Chav:"Ye am truble bruv', n ur innit"
(Mosher can't help but smile at this comment)
Chav:"Wtf u say bout ma famly?!"
Mosher:*realising he's going to be attacked and beaten
whatever he says next* "I said bend over and I'll
do you like your dad does...bruv"
Mosher wakes up stiff from bruising yesterdays and smiles as he remembers his line and silently mouths:"That was so worth it"
by Flux Kid July 31, 2006

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