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the female hormone that gives a women the desire to become a hooker or such.
wow her whormones are acting up.
by Fluffy McNubNubs April 01, 2008
the opposite of awesomeness. to not be awesome
1:guitar hero's awesome
2:no, its not its awesomeless
by Fluffy McNubNubs January 28, 2008
a word used to randomly interject into a dead coversation.

origin: unknown, means nothing but sounds weird
1(during silent elevator trip)
Everyone else: get off at the next floor just to get away from him

2 You're a little donkey disnogafa
by Fluffy McNubNubs January 10, 2008
a neptunian zombie in which is worshiped by the break off of the 'first church of the flying spaghetti monster' called the church of the farking flying pasta thingys(FFPT)

farknorg created the flying spaghetti monster, the creator, and the flying raviolli monster, the destroyer.

farknorg himself resembles a bald albino wookie. this idea comes from the only known sighting of farknorg when Brittany Spears gave sasquatch a hair cut.
ZOMGZ ceiling farknorg is watches me masterbatez.
by Fluffy McNubNubs April 21, 2008

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