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2 definitions by Flowingclawninja

1) Someone who blocks you from their MySpace for leaving weird or obscure comments on their page. 2) Also is irritable after only catching a glimpse of one nipple.
"OMG, Gary is such a weird edsel... that comment I left him was HILARIOUS!"


"Geez, I can't blame myself for being weird edsel today... that chick was STACKED and I hardly saw anything!"
by Flowingclawninja April 09, 2008
This word is usually misconceived as a term of overwhelming joy, anguish, or just something astounding.

1) A short person who obsessively listens to 311.
2) A person who constantly plays any and all sorts of air instrument.
3) A person who enjoys being repeatedly butt-sexed by spiked strap-ons.
"Look at that flowing mindspin over there...he's enjoying this concert WAAY too much!"


"My boyfriend is a totally a flowing mindspin. I feel like I need it attached permanently to my body!"
by Flowingclawninja April 09, 2008