27 definitions by Florida Sunshine

The act of birth or being born.
Wow, it was all dark and snuggly inside my Mom but now it's way too bright, too cold, and some asshole is slapping me on the ass. What the Deuce? I'm 'outside the box'!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
A twisted gay black clown that hosts a show for little childrens. The clown tries to get the little childrens to let him put his black penis in their mouths and right when they open wide, he hits them with a flour filled sock several times and scolds them for being so gullible and stupid.
C'mon little childrens, Let Homo d. Clown put his black cack in your mowves. Here we go, here we go... say ahhhhhh??? *whack whack* What da hell you thinking you faggot kid!? HOMO DON'T PLAY DAT!!!
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
The hot girl at the party that always gives it up but insists you wear a condom
Dammit Ridge! I scored with Amber last night and thought she was finally gonna let me do her 'au natural' but the trojan whore told me to put on a rubber at the last minute.
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
This is what happened to Colonel Hogan and the rest of his G.I.s after they were never rescued from Colonel Klink's Stalag 13 concentration camp.
Sergeant Schultz!! Did you witness colonel hogan buttfucking Kinchlo? Did you see 'hogan's homo's' in action??
Sgt. Schultz replies, "I SAW NOTHING!! NOTHING!!'
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
A rather bizarre sexual practice that also involves spending a little money. The first thing you'll need is an old Grandfather Clock and a bag of Oranges. please note: A Cuckoo Clock will not work because the effect that is needed is a loud 'chime'. While having sex with your partner wait hourly until you hear the chime and shove an orange in her ass. Do this until you've got about 9 in deep. When she pleads for you to not another orange in her ass, wait for the next chime, remove 1 orange from her ass and stuff it in her mouth and say, "Orange you glad I didnt' shove another one in your ass?"
I think Sheila and I did the clockwork orange 'til around 10 this morning. I know because the clocked chimed 10 times!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
What we've always had in the National Football League and every other Football league below that one. They like to shoot each other, shoot themselves, do ho's and drugs, murder, and fight dogs.
What ya mean you don't like Football anymore Tyrone?? What? You think those motherfuckers are shady? You know that there always be Pros and Cons in Football!
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009

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