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This is what our fucking national news media does every fucking time some nut starts killing people or some tragedy takes place. It's also the reason the news now calls one soldier 'a troop' as in 25 Troops were killed today. It starts with some saddened faced motherfucker female or male and they always start high with the death count from 'anonymous sources' and hope that they're are babies and pregnant women involved because it sounds a lot more tragic! Any death is tragic but our 'man bites dog' fucking media hopes for a high death count whether it be war, some psycho, plane crash, tornado, hurricane etc. Fuck you to all news networks everywhere you fucking shameless death mongers.
BREAKING NEWS: There was a 'massacre' at a high school today and there are 41 known dead... BREAKING NEWS: We just found out there are only 38 known dead... 32....29....27....19.....11.... BREAKING NEWS!!! Massacre at the high school continues with this update!! 3 people were killed today in a High School massacre!! Two of them were the gunmen..... BREAKING NEWS, the high school student is wounded but in stable condition but the two gunmen are dead in this 'HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE'!! More to follow...I hope our breaking news helped to 'over deathtimate' the death count so it sounded a lot larger of a number that had died and more of a tragedy to all of you reality fucking morons out there!!
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
Miracle drug in development that they hope will cure Aids.
My tests came back from my doctor and he said I was HIV positive. He suggested It would be best moving forward that I 'trynoassatall' from now on.
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
This is where you score with a really hot girl but know that 49 of your buddies have already fucked her over the last couple of years. But she is hot so you still feel a sort of pride and shame. You quickly jump into the shower and cry...
Hugo, I finally got sloppy fiftieths with Jessika. I think I'm in love with her even though I could never respect her.
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
A very obese fan at a Star Wars convention wearing a Darth Vader helmet with voice changer.
Look at the fat ass over there in the Darth Helmet. That must be Darth's larger brother, 'girth vader'
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
Any form of caveman Spermatazoa originating from males name Fred living in a city named Bedrock. After coitus with Wilma Fred would usually wipe his 'Yabba-Dabba-Goo' on a wash-rag, push the pelican's foot to open the bird's mouth (much like a trashcan) and drop the 'Goo' covered rag into the Pelican's Mouth. The bird at this point usually would turn, look at the camera, and say, "Bwawk! And you think you've got a shitty job!!' Bwawk....'
When Barney's wife Betty Rubble undressed herself thru the window with full knowledge that Fred was watching, it caused Fred to have an 'Erocktion' and spew his 'yabba-dabba-goo' on the side of Barney's house. When Barney found out that his wife Betty showed Fred 'the goods' he made mad violent love to Betty from behind and ended it with a 'Pterodactyl Punch' to the back of Betty's head thus knocking her out. (see donkey punch)
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
The overweight guy at work that tries to look for a new look and suddenly shows up to work one day with a shaved head. His extra weight and double chin helps to round out his entire head making it seem 'bowlingballish' in shape.
Wow, did you see Sean today? He shaved his head! It makes him look rather distinguished and bowlingballish!
by Florida Sunshine November 13, 2009
'More than meets the Eye' This involves 2 'Transgenders' having anal sex.
God, someone brought a gay porno dvd by the house last night and it had 2 Transcornholers. Their names were 'Optimus Cum' and the other was 'Ultra Faggus'.
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009

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