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'Shortie' can be the ghetto name for girl-friend.
"Hey shortie! What's up boo?"
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
To leave something that is not finished.
To ditch a person is to leave them;
prefabley to run in the opposite direction!
Awww man me and Max were like totally spraying-up the high school board; and then ol' crawford comes!
I totally ditched max 'n' did a runner!
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
Cute way of saying coincidence!
"I went to the shop, yesterday, and there was a massive hole right in front of the door!"

"That's weird I went to the mall and in front of the food court there was a hole, too!"

"What a cawinky-dink, man!"
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
When someone has a 'gabby-mouth', it means they are loud and talk nonsense. It can also mean they talk a lot too.
1"Awww man I told sandy I liked Jane better than Fiona, my prom date!"
2"Yesh so...."
1"She told Fiona!!!!"
2"Oh shoot; what a gabby-mouth man!"
2"So you got no boo?"
1"I got no boo..."
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
Basically minger is an ugly person!

To be a minger you need to be:

(fat, retard, just plain ugly and have big, bushy eye-brows!)

These are not my opinions so don't shout at me >_>
Oh wat a minger, mate!
Yesh she is fat, a retard, just plain ugly and has big, bushy eye-brows!

Lol sossie! (Harriet clarke - jk)
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005

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