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Wacky World of Erotic Cartoons.

A website containing hentai, furries 3D art, nudity, etc. Most of the artists and writers art and stories at WWOEC contain obscenity of any kind, with this website being rated from PG-13 to NC-17. This website is not recommended to minors.

A safe alternative to WWOEC is Fan Art Central (.net)

Not Crazy:Umm......what?

Crazy: LOL!

Not Crazy: *slowly backs away*
by Floodclaw December 10, 2006
In World of Warcraft lore, the capital city of the Undead. Only Horde characters can enter here without being attacked. Any Alliance trying to enter will be ruthlessly attacked by the guards and all players residing within. A central target for raids due to two boss characters (extremely hard Elite NPC's whom take many characters to kill just one) residing in a chamber deep in the bowels of the Undercity. These bosses are Lady Sylvannas Windrunner (a former Night Elf made undead by Arthas) and Varimathras (a vampire). The bosses are surrounded by Battleground masters, guards, and a few NPC's.
WoW Player #1: Hey guys, lets meet in the Undercity. Someone is selling *insert item here* for cheap!

WoW Player #2: OMG! LETTS GOE NOW!

WoW Player #1: Use English :(
by Floodclaw December 10, 2006

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