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Someone who does not ever get sick of pizza and not only eats it everyday but will do whatever it takes to tag along with someone whos getting pizza.
"Hey what'ca been up to?"
"Nothin much, just got back from Pizza Man"
"O really? wanna hang out?"
"yeah sure"
"annnnnd you think i can have some of that leftover Pizza Man?"
"sigh, yes you pizza whore"
by Floe, Skyler November 25, 2008
Great substitute for any of the following:
Bro, Dude, or Homie.
Usually used by white kids who arent gangster enough to say homie, are tired of dude, and are not good enough friends with people to call them bros.
Megan: "What's up Laaaaaw Diiiig?!?
Jack: "Nothing much Law Dig, just about to go get some pizza."
by Floe, Skyler November 25, 2008
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