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well known for their bizarrely teased haircuts A Flock of seagulls formed in the 1980s by Mike Score (lead vocals, keyboards)his brother Ali (drums), Frank Maudsley (bass)Paul Reynolds (guitarist).They made hits like I ran (so far away),space age love song and wishing.There album story of a young heart failed to produce any hit singles later the band broke mike score made a new line up for a flock of seagulls and they are still touring.
I think the best AFOS songs are "The Traveller","Electrics" and "Space age love song"
by Flock Fan April 29, 2005
A cool band with the new wave 80s influance they come from las vegas nevada and were inspired by a flock of seagulls,duran duran and other new wave artists.
People that like the killers and don't like a flock of seagulls should give them the respect they deserve because the killers music would not be without the AFOS.
by Flock Fan May 02, 2005
Plain and simple, simple plan are simple fags and there french too!!!!!!!kill the posers!!!
(queer):lets go listen to some simple plan guys!
(normal person):go get a life and listen to some real music.
by Flock Fan May 02, 2005
The breakdown of todays society,well besides george bush. Also see poser wannabe bitch
Avril lavinges songs are brainwashing the youth of this generation,I would rather have a jagged drill bit spinning full speed shoved up my ass then listen to 1 avril lavinge song.
by Flock Fan May 02, 2005
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