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Listen, I know you've seen a LOT of people say Floral Park sucks because we got nothing to do here. But let me tell you how it really is....
-Yes, kids start drinking in 8th grade (not when their 8 or even 5, like I've heard).
-Yes, people do smoke A LOT (starting in 9th-10th grade)
-Yes, we do have a lot of nail salons and bars.
-Yes, we do have really good cops that keep us safe from the homies in elmont and south floral park.
-No, we don't think we live in the OC.
-No, we don't have crazy emo people.
-No, we don't consider ourselves black.
-We're just Long Islanders who mind our own business (and who pay higher taxes then some rich ass people in the Hamptons) so if you got a problem with us, fuck off and just don't come here then.
Guy from Floral Park - "Floral Park is cool."

Guy from Garden City - "We got more money than you go back to your poor ass 'hood'."

Guy from Floral Park - "Why don't you go cry to your mommy before I kick your ass there."
by Flo Po Lax January 26, 2009

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