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Describes a person's teeth as being covered in a yellow film and as not being uniform. Basically, looks as if someone glued cornuts to their gums or chews on ball-bearings. AKA a fucked up grill.
Person 1: Yo' Rog
Person 2: Sup?
Person 1: Man the other night I was so horny and this nasty bitch with cornut teeth wanted suck me balls deep.
Person 2: So what's the prob. hombre?
Person 1: Man this bitch scraped the skin straight off my ball sack...
Person 2: SNAP!
by Flo$$y B January 17, 2006
A noun used to define the sticky build up found underneath the scrotum. Build up increases when the persons doesn't shower or has had hot sweaty day.
Person 1: Yo J-Kwon, take a wiff of this.
Person 2: Damn! What the hell is that on your fingers.
Person 1: I haven't showered in days, and that's some of my wicked bad grundle build up from my fat ball sack.
by Flo$$y B May 31, 2005
An abbreviation that stands for chicken fried steak, which is a beef patty deep fat fried much like fried chicken. CFS should only be used by persons who are familiar with what cfs is, such as wait staff, truckers, or poor white trash.
Person 1: Damn, I need some supper in my belly.
Person 2: Well, let's go to Mike's Steakhouse for the biggest and best god damn cfs west of the Mississippi.
by Flo$$y B May 31, 2005
To double up any that you are ordering or buying.

Waitress: Do you want a biscuit or hash browns with your cfs?

Person: Give me HBs (Hash Browns)...tell you what why don't you go ahead and square up them bitches...thug life bitch!
by Flo$$y B May 04, 2006
Used to broadly define adult movies or magazines in which a person uses the items to "beat" or "spank" the meat to eradicate themselves of their sememiferous fluid. AKA pornography.
Person 1: Man my fuckin' big floppy donkey dick hurts.
Person 2: Shii..Probably from all them spanks you have poundin' it to.
by Flo$$y B May 30, 2005

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